A fictionalized look at the life of an astronaut wife in the days of Apollo

About the Author

JoAnn Carr was born and raised in Orange County in Southern California.  She graduated from California State at Long Beach and married her high school sweetheart, Jerry Carr, who was later named to the Class of ‘66 Astronauts. During her life as the wife of a Marine pilot , she organized and administered a private kindergarten in North Carolina  She moved to Houston, Texas where she raised her six children amidst the backdrop of the Gemini, Apollo and Skylab programs.  She completed her Doctor of Jurisprudence at the University of Houston in 1978 with all six children still at home, divorced, and practiced law for 30 years.  During this time she was a sole practitioner, counsel for the FDIC and counsel for Star Station One, a 501c3 devoted to space education for children.

This, her first novel, is a fictionalized account in answer to the question “what is it like being married to an astronaut”, rich with her experience of what life was like as an insider in the heyday of the space program.  She currently lives with her Yorkie in El Lago, Texas.

For more about JoAnn, follow the link to Read her Bio page.

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  1. Margaret Finn

    KEEPER OF THE FLAME, to me is a great read! Loved the story, and congratulate the author for being able to put together so many elements of real experience with a engaging novel. It has it all – a VERY interesting life story, humor, pathos, and characters she makes you care about. I think this is the first book, even tho non-fiction that gives a glimpse into women we’ve heard about and admired. Margo

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