A fictionalized look at the life of an astronaut wife in the days of Apollo

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RVing in the Stone Age with Six Kids and a Dog

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RVing in the Stone Age Six kids and a dog   The 1960s were the Stone Age of RVs.  Although they had been around in one form or another for years, they were just getting really popular and they weren’t inexpensive.  It was getting impossible for us to go on a camping trip with our six kids, ages five through fourteen (that included two sets of boy/girl twins ages 5 and 11) and get everything we needed stuffed in to a station wagon – even one with a luggage rack on top.  A new mobile home...

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Appearances for Keeper of the Flame – an astronaut wives story

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Hi, folks! I will be traveling back to Southern California from Texas next week for three speaking engagements. One is with the Seal Beach Leisure World group. Another is with the Tustin Public Library and yet another with the Orange Public Library. I made these dates when I was “home” for presentations a couple of months ago. It is a kick to talk to groups of people who are there because they are interested. They are so responsive and the interaction is lively. I hope to get some...

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The astronaut wife book

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I will be going to California again in July to speak at the Orange County library and the Tustin library and to the Seal Beach Leisure World. And I am trying to get more conversant with the social media. That’s a tough one for me and I’m going to find a class at the local community colleges that will hopefully help me out. There are times when it seems overwhelming but maybe the class will help.

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More books about astronaut wives

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My time at Spacefest V in Tucson was fabulous many of the old astronauts were there some of whom I hadn’t seen in close to 49 years. It was fun touching base again and meeting some of the “new” astronaut wives. They said thecrowd wasn’t as bountiful as previous years but what they lacked in numbers they made up in enthusiasm. One little boy,11, didn’t know whatSkylab was so I explained it to him and he bought a book for his mother! I am working on getting some...

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Books about Apollo astronaut wives

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I had a good turnout at the Santa Ana library last week. Some high school friends showed up as well as a group offreindly and interested others. We had a lively discussion at the end of my presentatil and I sold quite a few books. Saturday and Sunday I had a booth at the Floral Park Home and Garden Tour. It was lots of fun to talk to the people who would stop by to see what we were up to. The banner I had made – “What was it like being married to an Apollo astronaut written by one...

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