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Books about Apollo astronaut wives

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I had a good turnout at the Santa Ana library last week. Some high school friends showed up as well as a group offreindly and interested others. We had a lively discussion at the end of my presentatil and I sold quite a few books.
Saturday and Sunday I had a booth at the Floral Park Home and Garden Tour. It was lots of fun to talk to the people who would stop by to see what we were up to. The banner I had made – “What was it like being married to an Apollo astronaut written by one who was one” attracted the curious and the knowledgable. My daughter Jessica, who is quite the salesperson, had a great spiel and I wish I could take her on all of my “appearances”. I was able to use my new Square to make charges on people’s credit cards. What a great program (“app”?) someone thought of.  Even I can use it.
There is a new book about the astronaut wives coming out by Likly Koppell called the Astronaut Wives Club. She interviewed all (I think) of the remaining Apollo Wives and has written a compilation of those interviews. It should be interesting.  I chose to make my story into a novel because I figured I could tell more truths with fiction.  My book, however, is essentially true to the life we lived and the trials we encountered along the way.  The other astronaut wives have given me rave reviews on the book.  Pat Collins called it “the Real Stuff” and others proclaimed the book to be an accurate portrayl of the way life was as the wife of an Apollo astronaut.  I sent a copy to each wife and the feed-back I got was most gratifying

This month I am going to concentrate on local service groups.  Mary Alys Cherry who is the editor of a glossy monthly magazine called Bay Area Houston supplied me with a list of possible area service clubs to contct.  She has also printed a very nice aricle about me and my book in the May issue.  Many thanks to Mary Alys

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