A fictionalized look at the life of an astronaut wife in the days of Apollo

A story about Apollo astronaut wives – Keeper of the Flame

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Well. my novel about astronaut wives is written, copy edited, style edited, formatted, put into e-book form and printed.  Big sigh!   WAIT!  Now the real work begins. When you are self published you ARE a publishing compsny. So you have to do all the things they might do such as publicizing the book, marketing it, make full use of what is loosely called “social media”, distribute the book, keep the books in order and everything else in between. You now have to use a different part of your brain than it took to write a book.

What to do first?  I just dropped my line in the water and took whatever nibbled on the hook  Now   I am getting a little more knowledgable about what bait to use, what’s good in the way of tackle and how to catch some of the larger fish.  I took book signing gigs wherever they popped up and while not especially a barn burner when it came to selling books, it is teaching me how to speak, what people are and aren’t interested in, how long to speak and how to field questions.  It also gave me a little exposure to different groups of people and gave me ideas on how to improve the presentation.

A chance to talk to the Kiwanis in my home town turned me on to all of the service clubs in my own town.  There is a wealth of people out there needing to fill their program slots.  So in the next few days I will start compiling a list and start making calls.  Having a friend contact someone at the Cape Canaveral Gift Shop ultimately got me a chance to market my books there.  They are just starting out with ten but I figure anyone interested in the space program (which we don’t have anymore) might be interested in what it was like being married to an Apollo astronaut.  Keep your fingers crossed on this one because it could be the entree for a lot of other Space Center gift shops including the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

In addition, I am going to contact the various military wives websites to see if I can link up with them or get some space on their websites.  Being a Marine Corps wife, I think makes you one for life even if you do divorce.  Maybe it’s not possible to divorce the Corps.  They get under your skin!  I figure other military wives can identify with many of the experiences described in the book – – – which by the way is called  Keeper of the Flame which we all were and are.

My next target is the public libraries.  I am holding a signing at the local Freeman Memorial Library tomorrow night. Have no clue  how many will show up.  It is on the libraries calendar and I sent out a bunch of postcards so we’ll see.  I think I have already learned the lesson I needed to learn from this experience.  Be more aggressive about getting little blurbs in the local papers.

So I am doing on-the-job-training.  I’ll let you know how it’s going.  See you next time

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