A fictionalized look at the life of an astronaut wife in the days of Apollo

Story about astronaut wives

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Now it’s all over but the shouting. My book about Apollo astronaut wives is done and out there for sale. I has gotten rave reviews from the other Apollo astronaut wives but how to get that word out is the problem. I need to use social media more and am looking into how to do that. Writing the book was easy compared to this. And so was getting it published. Getting it out there is a real delimna for a erson who is not high tech savvy like me. I need some one who is a digital print media expert to help me. That is so when you Google me or a book about astronaut wives you will get my website on your search engine. That apparently is a multifaceted task that requires some expertise. It’s a real handicap having an army of experts there for any competition I might have. Obviously I need to muster some troops to help me publicize the book on the internet.

The sales are slowing down. Not that we were ever flooded with sales but it was steady if slow. This week I am going to California to my home town of Santa Ana for a book signing at the Santa Ana Public Library and for a two day event at the Floral Park Home Show. I will post those on my Facebook page.  And next month I go to a four day event called Spacefest in Tucson that should be attended by a large number of spacefans.

I touched base with the editor of one of the areas foremost glossy magazines and she gave me the names of several service clubs in the area that she thought might be interested in a book signing.  And she is putting a story about me and my picture in the next issue of her magazine.  So I realize none of these are huge they all add up – I hope.


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